5 Benefits of Using SSD on Your Laptop

Laptops are becoming lighter and more portable. Their displays – brighter and with higher resolution. Their processors – more economical and powerful. But one of the key components of mobile computers remains based on an old technology. This is the hard drive (HDD), which currently has only one available alternative – solid state drive (SSD). In this article, we will present 5 benefits of using SSD on your laptop.

1. Improved system speed

Even if you equip your laptop with a small SSD to record just the operating system and the most commonly used software, the difference in access to permanent and temporary (cache) files will increase significantly. Another benefit to mention is that your laptop will come out of hibernation mode within 3 or fewer seconds, completely ready for work.

2. Battery will last longer

A significant portion of the laptop’s charge is used to power the rotating and other movеable portions of the hard drive. However, if you bet on SSD, the power consumption when accessing files will drop several times as SSD’s don’t have moveable parts and need less power to operate. As a result, you could increase the autonomy of your laptop by more than 60-90 minutes.

3. Hidden benefits for other components

Because they have moveable mechanics, HDD drives generate heat. Mostly in the summer months or in unclean air ducts, it threatens not only the health of the hard drives but also some other components. Among the most vulnerable ones is the battery, the capacity of which declines irreversibly because of that heat. SSDs eliminate this unpleasant problem. 

When the hard drive has no moving parts, it is completely silent. Whatever SSD you choose, you’ll forget the distracting sounds and the irritating blackout at the busy moments.

4. Release valuable space

The dimensions of one SSD module range from 2.5 “, 1.8” to 1.0 “. In other words, they generally can be significantly more compact than most HDDs. In this way, they release space in the laptop, which manufacturers can use for:

  • Adding a valuable hardware component;
  • Further reduction of the dimensions of the laptop (perfect option for ultrabooks);
  • More efficient cooling of the system.

5. Improved control in your hands

Probably the most serious consumer concern about SSDs is their own technology. In short, these data carriers have limited cycles for writing and deleting files. Over the past few years, specialized software has been applied to the models of experienced manufacturers. It allows you to control the load on the device and optimize its wastage. The software monitors a lot of factors on your SSD and will warn you if there are any problems so you can take actions to prevent any loss of data. On the other hand, normal hard drives are more fragile and can break even from a little shaking of the laptop while it is running, while an SSD will survive even dropping the laptop on the ground.

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